Building Community...

Peace by Peace

Welcome to the Center for
Community Peacemaking

formerly LAVORP 
(Lancaster Area Victim Offender Reconciliation Program)


With volunteers and supporters like you, we have been creating a culture of peace in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area through restorative justice practices like:

  • Victim-Offender Conferencing brings together those harmed by crime with those who offended to "make things right." The vast majority of former victims and offenders report high satisfaction.
  • Making Peace offers youth and their parents an opportunity to practice healthy communication with their peers and each other.
  • Peacemaking Circles help to transform conflict and address harm for large and small groups in the community building on the group's common values.
  • Accountability Circles increase community safety through the volunteer mentoring of former offenders meeting regularly for support and accountability.
Justice is served through facilitated face-to-face dialogue, direct communication and personal accountability. It's a justice that restores relationships and makes our community whole. This restorative justice reduces victimization and recidivism, changing lives to make our communities genuinely safer.
We welcome your participation as a volunteer, friend and supporter of this profoundly life-changing work.
Christopher Fitz
Executive Director
Help Increase the Peace

How does restorative justice work? 
Click the video to see how the Center for Community Peacemaking enacts  restorative justice.