CCP plus CRS equals ADVOZ
Announcing the New Name of the Merger of Center for Community Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution Services at WWW.ADVOZ.ORG
Arun Gandhi to Speak May 4
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The Center for Community Peacemaking is joining with Conflict Resolutions Services to expand transformative dialogue in Lancaster County and beyond. Together we can:

  • Facilitate healing in more than 200 incidents of youth and adult crime to help both those harmed and those who've harmed;
  • Mediate resolution in than 50 challenging situations of conflict among families, neighbors and institutions; 
  • Equip 100+ school teachers, counselors and administrators in restorative practices as an inclusive approach to discipline and community building;
  • Meet Arun Gandhi on May 4, grandson of Mohandas Gandhi and founder of the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence;
  • And much more! 

The need is great for dialogue-based approaches to challenging situations. So is the opportunity. We are in a strong position to lead our community and Pennsylvania in alternatives to shouting, violence and retribution. Will you join us? Click  "Donate" (right) and follow us us on Facebook during this time of transition and growth!
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