Volunteer Facilitators

Make a difference -- volunteer and feel great about yourself

LAVORP volunteer facilitators help victims and offenders. Volunteers also help make our communities

better places to live and work.


In addition, LAVORP volunteers obtain valuable benefits. Mediation training helps volunteers:

  • Fine tune their interpersonal communication skills such as listening and speaking.
  • Understand the problems and opportunities associated with conflict.
  • Value different kinds of personalities.
  • Identify core problems to help suggest resolutions.
  • Apply negotiating techniques to problem solving.
  • Develop collaborative solutions.

Without our valued volunteer facilitators, LAVORP would not be able to carry out its mission.

Professionally trained facilitators, working within a flexible schedule, derive great satisfaction from

assisting victims and offenders to work towards reconciliation and healing.


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                                                        Current Volunteer Facilitators

   Robin Baldwin Margaret Medina
David Benner Cory Meek
Bill Bennett Dick Merritt
Candice Brinson Carol Nielsen
Sandy Browand Ken Nissley
Doug Burkholder Rhonda Peterman-Stiver
Amy Carroll Mila Pilz
Lance Couturier Anna Ramos
Fran Dellinger Jodie Richardson
Pat Dimmerling Mike Rieker
Sue Dorrin Jon Rudy
Bill Eckenrode Peter Scherer
Tristan Eshbach-Johnston Donald Sensenig
Mike Evanko Allan Shirk
Barbara Fisher Jon Singer
Mark Fuhrer Melanie Snyder
Michael Gallagher Barbara Spiegelberg
Carol Glass Heather Stauffer
Susan Godshall Carol Steffy
Mary Haldeman Scott Stoner-Eby
Patricia Hopson-Shelton Warner Strube
Joan Huston Ken Trauger
Laura Kanagy Lynelle Trigalet
Joylynn Keener Kelly Trzaska
Lisa Krieg Linda Van Til
Richard Landis John Waggoner
Mark Leaman Carolyn Wakefield
David Lindhiem James Wheeler
Elwood Martin Mark Whitacre
Tim Martin Rachel Williams
Lee McBride Sarah Yoder
Sylvia Yoder