Peacemaking Circles

“Circles bring us together to share who we are beyond our appearances. They’re places of listening – of hearing what it’s like to be someone else.  They’re also places for being heard – for expressing what’s on our minds and hearts and having others receive it deeply.  Telling our stories in the safe space of Circles opens windows on each other’s lives, giving us moments when we can witness the path another has walked as well as feel that others appreciate their own path.”  Peacemaking Circle:  From Crime to Community, Kay Pranis, et al.

Peacemaking circles bring people together to connect in a common purpose, without judgment.  When a person brings a problem or issue to be discussed, it is owned by the group.  Equality is achieved by using a talking piece, which can be any object of significance to the group.  The talking peace is passed around the circle with the person holding the talking piece having the sole right to speak.  All others listen with respect and careful consideration of the words spoken and the feelings expressed, knowing that their time to speak will also be respected. 


Within the past year, CCP has conducted Peacemaking Circles for Teen Challenge, Pheasant Ridge community and a Lancaster neighborhood.


To view a brochure describing Peacemaking Circles, click here.