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Peace by Peace

Welcome to the Center for
Community Peacemaking

formerly LAVORP 
(Lancaster Area Victim Offender Reconciliation Program)


With volunteers and supporters like you, we have been creating a culture of peace in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area through restorative justice and conflict resolution processes that redefine traditional notions of justice and crime:

  • Victim-Offender Conferencing has for twenty years provided a successful process for those who are harmed by crime and those who offend to "make things right." The vast majority report a successful meeting with more than 83% of youth offenders not re-offending.
  • Making Peace (Strategies in Conflict Resolution) offers youth an opportunity to learn nonviolence skills to handle crises and work more closely with their parents.
  • Peacemaking Circles offers any group throughout the community a means of collectively resolving their conflict using common values toward a mutually discerned solution.
  • Circles of Support and Accountability increases community safety by decreasing the chance of re-offending by sexual offenders by 83% (evidence-based research), a program modeled after successful programs in Canada and California.
Justice is served in these programs through facilitated face-to-face encounters, communication and accountability. It's a justice that restores relationships and makes our community whole. This "restorative justice" reduces victimization and recidivism, changing lives to make our communities genuinely safer in the short- and long-term.
We welcome your participation as a volunteer, friend and supporter of this profoundly life-changing work.
Christopher Fitz
Executive Director
Your support helps to 
increase the peace
in Lancaster. 

(Jan 8, 2015) CCP's Executive Director had an Op-Ed featured in the Lancaster Newspaper about the rash of local violence that has made waves in Lancaster, encouraging both the media and us as a community to do more to tell--and create--a new peace story. 

"What is the shape of the social movement responding to this violence? Who are the leaders and organizations? What obstacles are they encountering? How can they be supported? This ongoing story, though perhaps less dramatic, allows community members to continue joining and support local peacemaking work. 

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